solar tracking alignment sight

Harnessing the Sun Track Alignment Sight

solar tracking alignment sight

Prototype for Sun Track Alignment Sight, 2015

The most important part of any solar system is the sun, and how you harness the most power out of it can be one of the biggest challenges. If you take a quick look around the web, one of the regular questions out there revolves around how to get the most out of your system. How do you harness the most power? How do you figure out just what way to turn your panels to get the highest energy output?

For most people the answer comes from a series of calculations. There are websites, books, and entire forums dedicated to the formulas and mathematics behind panel positioning. Global positioning, time of day, and season all have to be accounted for.

At Azimuth we wanted to make solar more accessible to everyone, and that meant not only making it portable and easy to set up, but taking the numbers out of it too. With our Sun Track Alignment Sight we have done the math for you, all you do is line up the red dot.

The sight projects a red dot onto a crosshair display which shows the sun’s position over a five hour period. Simply line up the crosshairs to ensure full solar power production. Or position your panels for the best exposure over a five hour period without repositioning.

Why not make solar simple?

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