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We’re Weatherproofing Portable Solar

Portable solar isn’t something which can typically survive the elements. Charge controllers, cables, and batteries usually need to be brought in from the rain and moisture while wind topples most portable arrays. But some things need to run even when the weather is poor. Some things need to run specifically when the weather is poor.

Rain, snow, and wind don’t need to be obstacles to solar power. With the right design and components, complete solar systems can be left up to battle the weather and water while still generating power. The ASP Portable Solar Generators from Azimuth Solar Products use high quality and rugged components and enclosures to keep running even when the shine isn’t shining.

Combiner Box

The IP67 rated waterproof enclosure of the combiner box can withstand the rugged demands of adventuring and off-grid living in any weather. MC4 connectors on the outside of the Combiner Box remove the need for opening and securing junction boxes during set up and take down, which is a feature all the more important in poor weather.

30A MPPT Charge Controller

Charge Controllers are the most water-sensitive part of any solar generating system. They are usually stored inside in dry environments and sometimes require additional de-humidifying equipment. More inventive solar users construct their own waterproof casing for their charge controllers. But they can be left frustrated if even a single drop manages to find its way to the component.

The 30A Charge Controller included with the ASP systems is an especially durable and weather resistant model. It is 100% non-condensing, allowing it to handle humidity and water without additional waterproof casing or solutions. The MPPT system is substantially more effective at harvesting power during extreme temperatures and low light than other systems, providing the maximum possible power in any condition. It is also 30% more efficient than regular models, wringing the most power out of any rainy day.

Output Panel

The on-board output panel includes waterproof and dustproof power sockets for 12V Car Lighter and SAE connections. While the receptacles themselves might be protected from the elements it’s still important to make sure the plugs going in are dry, too.

Tripod and Frame

All the panels and components of the generator systems are supported by a sturdy and unique design. The unique tripod, pillar, mount, and frame are all-weather. Made from stainless steel and powder-coated aircraft aluminum, there’s no worry of rusting or toppling in windy conditions. The support system can handle wind speeds up to 140 mph and can be anchored down with included military-grade stakes or additional equipment.

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We're Weatherproofing Portable Solar
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