Unrivalled Systems: How ASP Portable Solar Generator Systems Compare to Leading Competitors

At Azimuth Solar Products Inc., we want to give you powerful and dependable solar power when you need it. Whether you’re an adventurer looking for a safer and cleaner way to keep comfortable on the edge of the wild or just looking to keep your fridge and lights running when the worst happens. We know solar power has a lot of ways to improve security and the quality of life of anyone to whom the grid is unreliable or inaccessible. That’s why we’re raising the bar for portable solar and introducing the first affordable mid-range solar generators to take advantage of the falling costs of solar panels to deliver something truly durable and life-saving to as many people as possible.

Affordable High-Power Solar

Our solar generator systems offer unparalleled power output for each dollar. No other portable system in their price range offers the same power rating or includes as many essential components as the ASP Portable Solar Generators. We’re taking advantage of the falling price of solar to offer high-range portable systems for prices that compete with systems with less than a third of their capacity.

These portable and dependable solar power generator systems have unique, compact folding designs suitable for disaster recovery, off-grid living, tactical expeditions, and adventuring. Our systems use high-quality solar panels with a specially designed high capacity tripod and frame support for unrivaled high-output mobile solar power. Our rugged systems use the most innovative components to function in extreme conditions from arctic, desert, to downpour. There are some comparable solar generators used by the US Forces, but our systems are a fraction of the cost, weigh less, and are quicker set-up. Our M400 system has been developed in collaboration with SBM Solar, a primary supplier of ballistic-rated solar panels to the US Marines. Read SMB Solar’s Press Release here.

The ASP 360 features compared to those of nearest competition. Watt-per-dollar, we offer a smarter, cheaper, and more powerful generator than any other portable solar on the market.

Powerful Portables

All the support components for our systems are designed for easy assembly, disassembly, and transport. They can be set-up in less than five minutes without tools and the tripod, pillar, and 2-axis frame fold into compact pieces to be carried by hand or in a case. The highly portable designs allow Azimuth systems to be put into a trunk of a car and set up in any location no matter how remote or hard to reach.

Most portable solar is designed for charging small devices or topping off partially-discharged batteries. Meanwhile, with a single day of sunshine, Azimuth’s portable solar generator systems can power appliances, entertainment, communication and medical equipment, and construction tools. Traditional portable solar generators may only charge a few cellphones or laptop computer, and can take several days to charge a battery pack. Our systems will run appliances and work as a back-up generator for adventure or crisis.

Our systems will recharge large, deep-cycle battery packs in less than a day, and the scalable design allows the systems to be expanded for additional power. The 2-axis, 360 full rotation frame can easily tilt and rotate to follow the sun for maximum input – up to 40% more power than a fixed solar panel, such as the popular folding briefcase style mini systems. Our exceptional efficiency and flexibility makes our systems suitable for micro-grid systems in cabins, micro or tiny homes, RVs, mobile work sites, boats, and off-grid homes.

Our compact design features on-board electronics which neatly nestles the combiner box and charge controller directly behind the panels. An output panel includes a 12V lighter and SAE socket so appliances, devices, and battery-packs can be plugged-in directly. Our RV connector cable can be connected through the 7-way socket on RVs and trailers to recharge their batteries without hassle. The charge controller can also be remotely mounted indoors for use with a battery bank for an off-grid home.

Comparison of practical use of ASP portable solar generators compared to leading competition.

We’re always working to improve our selection of high-quality components and reduce the cost of our systems. Visit our online store to learn more about these portable generators, or calculate your solar needs to find the right products for you.

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