3-in-1 3000W 24V Hybrid Pure Sine Inverter, 100A AC Charger, 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, 1600W max solar


24V 3000W Continuous 4500W Peak Pure Sine Wave Inverter / MPPT Solar Charge Controller w AC Charging 3 in 1 Hybrid

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3-in-1 HYBRID

3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4500W Surge)

100A AC Charger and 60A MPPT Solar Charge controller 24V


 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller (Max PV 100V DC)

100A AC Charger (18-33V DC)

Programmable Charge Settings!

Suitable for 24V Charging Lead Acid, SiO2, Lead Carbon, AGM or Lithium Batteries.

Intelligent Hybrid BACKUP POWER SYSTEM!

Can run a loaded motor of up to 2HP

Supports Max Solar of 1600W

Off Grid only – not suitable for Grid Tie. Cannot be paralleled.

A 3000 Watt Continuous / 4500 Watt Surge Inverter capable of converting DC (Direct Current) power to AC (Alternating Current). Inverters allow off-grid power to be used with household appliances and electronics. Plug your essential appliances into the unit. While the grid is live, the power will pass thru the system using grid power. If the grid goes down, it will automatically switch to the battery bank power. You can also use this unit to charge your batteries from your generator or Solar. This unit is available in 24V and 48V.

Perfect for use in cabins: will switch between batteries and generator (if it has an auto start)!

This all-in-one hybrid solar charge inverter has 4 charging modes:

  • Only Solar – Solar charges the battery or is converted directly to AC for immediate use. This mode is used when there is no generator/grid (Mains) power available.
  • Generator or grid (Mains) Priority – Batteries are charged from the grid or generator and power passes thru under load. If generator or grid is off, then load is powered by battery and / or solar.  This is for use when the grid is usually available, and the batteries are used for backup only. PV charging is OFF unless grid/generator (Mains) power is not available.
  • Solar Priority – Batteries are charged by solar and battery is only charged by generator/grid when there is no solar, such as at night. It only draws from the grid/generator (mains) when there is no solar power.
  • Generator or Grid (Mains) & Solar Hybrid Charging – Solar is a priority, but will switch to grid/generator (mains) when no solar. This mode is best for areas that have an unstable grid so there is sufficient backup power at all times.

Output Modes:

  • PV Priority – loads are powered by PV and battery. This mode maximizes the use of solar energy, while maintaining battery power.
  • Mains Priority Mode – switches to inverter only when the grid/generator (mains) is not available. This works like a backup UPS, suitable for areas with an unstable grid.
  • Inverter Priority Mode – switches to grid/generator supply only when the battery is under voltage. This mode maximizes the use of DC power and is used in areas with stable grid


  • DC to Batteries
  • AC using Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Professional solution for Off-Grid Solar Systems. Able to work with AC power in from Generator or Grid Tie and DC Power from Solar Panels and Battery Bank. *Not certified for Grid Tie in Canada or the US. 

All generators, including solar, naturally create DC power. But any household electronics with plugs to connect to outlets run off AC power and must be converted by an inverter at the appropriate frequency before use with off-grid generated power. AC power is used in utilities because it allows for easier transportation of electricity across the grid, but is less energy efficient than DC power. Inverters are necessary to keep a house or its selective appliances running during blackouts. They are connected to the battery and are tied into your home or business’s electrical service.

The inverter features an AC pass-through circuit powering your home appliances from utility or generator power while charging the battery. When utility power fails, the battery backup system keeps your appliances powered until utility power is restored. Internal protection circuits prevent over-discharge of the batteries by shutting down the inverter when a low battery condition occurs. When utility or generator power is restored, the inverter transfer to the AC source and recharges the batteries.

  • Full digital voltage and current double closed-loop control
  • The inverter uses SPWM technology
  • Ideal for AC loads such as household appliances, power tools, industrial equipment, and audio and video equipment.
  • Two output modes mains bypass and inverter output
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • MPPT solar charge controller for 99.9% efficiency
  • LCD screen and LED indicators for dynamic display of system data and operating status
  • On-off rocker switch for AC output control
  • Power saving mode available to reduce no-load loss
  • Intelligent variable speed fan to efficiently dissipate heat and extend system life
  • Works will all batteries including lithium, lead-acid, carbon foam and silicon dioxide batteries. Has preset modes and custom setting options for optimal battery charging.
  • Complete protection including short circuit protection, over and under-voltage, overload and reverse polarity
  • Works with generator auto start.
  • RS485/ CAN / USB communication ports

Pure sine wave inverters give you clean power that can be used with sensitive electronics like laptops, microwaves, refrigeration, communication equipment and televisions

Additional information

Continuous Output Power


Surge Power

4500W, powers up to a 2HP motor

AC Wave Form Output

Pure Sine Wave

Max Solar Panel Power


Solar Charger Type


Max PV open voltage

100V DC

Rated Battery inpur voltage


AC Voltage Output

120V AC



Auto Switch

DC to AC AC Bypass AC Charger Solar Charger and UPS


Low Voltage & high voltage trip, overload protection, short-circuit protection, Low battery alarm, high voltage alarm, overcharge protection shutdown.


6.2 kg (13.66 lbs)


37.8×28.x10.3 cm (14.9 x 11 x 4" ")


3-year manufacturer's warranty