Bluetooth Adapter for MC2420 MC2430 MC2440 MC2450 Charge Controllers BT-2 SRNE


BT2 Bluetooth Adapter for MC2420, MC2430, MC2440, and MC2450 MPPT Charge Controllers.

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SRNE BT2 Bluetooth Adapter

An easy to use plug-in Bluetooth adapter for MC Series: MC2420, MC2430, MC2440 and MC2450 Charge Controllers! Connect using an app available for both Apple and Android devices produced by the manufacturer. We’ve tested it out and it is a neat system to play with! Control your Charge Controller from the comfort of your chair.

Model SR-BT2




For Android phones:

the SRNE logo is orange and white

For IOS system:
just go to App Store and search for “solar app”

The SRNE logo is orange and white

If you have trouble. Make sure you setup the SRNE password. It should be 135790123.

BT1 & BT2 manual