MPPT 5A MH60 (12V/60W) Solar Charge Controller w/ Light Controller for Lithium Batteries Lithium Iron Phosphate MH60


Compact waterproof charge controller MH60 12V/60W for Lithium Batteries & Solar Street Lights

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MH60 5A (12V/60W)

Solar Charge Controller with Light Controller

MH60 MPPT Integrated Constant-Current Charge Controller for Lithium Batteries of Solar Street Lights

  • Dedicated MPPT Controller for lithium batteries
  • Supporting 12V lithium batteries
  • Automatic load output timer
  •  MPPT with max solar panel open-circuit voltage of 40V and max solar panel power 100W
  •  Provides lithium battery low temperature charging protection function
  •   Featuring load boost constant-current output able to directly power a maximum of 12 light bulbs in series with a max load power of 60V
  •  Featuring system status log function  able to record system status for a maximum of 7 days; comprehensively and effectively monitoring the systems conditions
  • Data communications adopts a multiple-time two-way handshake protocol and a data compression algorithm, realizing precise and fast data transmission
  • Providing intelligent power mode, which can extend the battery’s life to its top limit by adjusting the load power automatically according to the remaining battery capacity
  • True constant current rather than current-limiting control ensures smooth and stable output current, effectively reducing LED light attenuation and extending LED service life.
  • With infrared remote control function, operations including setting parameters, reading status and viewing historical data can be performed.
  • A metal case and an IP68 waterproof level enable the device to operate in various tough conditions.
  • The overheat protection function enables the device to scale down or shut off the load completely when its temperature exceeds certain point.
  • A range of protection measures such as battery reverse-connection protection, LED short-circuit protection and open-circuit protection place the system under comprehensive protection


  • Tracking Efficiency 99.26%
  • Weight 200g
  • Dimensions 82x82x20mm
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • light control voltage 5V to 11V
  • light control delay 1 min to 50 min
  • Operating temperature -35C to 65C
  • Rated charging current 8A

Download instruction manual here: Manual for SRNE MH60 MPPT charge controller

Model: MH60