DM200 20A 12V/24V Waterproof MPPT Charge Controller for Solar Street Light


DM200 MPPT waterproof charge controller with solar street light 20A 12V/24V

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DM200 20A 12V/24V MPPT Waterproof Charge Controller for Solar Street Light

DM Series all-in-one MPPT Constant Current Controller for Solar Street Light integrated MPPT solar charge management, LED step-up constant current drive and other functions ideal for lead acid battery / lithium battery / colloidal battery. It is widely used for solar street lights, solar garden lights, providing high reliability, high precision, ease of installation and maintenance and other benefits.


  • MPPT Technology providing tracking efficiency of up to 99.5% and a charge conversion efficiency of up to 96%
  • Multi-period programmable load power / time control
  • Charge and discharge high and low temperature protection
  • Load intelligent power mode, with load power adjustable automatically according to the battery level
  • High precision digital step-up constant current control algorithm ensuring high efficiency and high constant current accuracy conversion efficiency up to 96%
  • LED light indicators for Solar Panel charging, battery status, load indicator
  • Infrared wireless communication, allowing for setting/readying parameters, reading status, etc.
  • Multiple protection such as battery/PV reverse polarity protection, LED short-circuit / open-circuit/limited power protection, etc.
  • All aluminum housing with IP68 rating, allowing for use in a variety of harsh environments
  • Extensible IoT remote communication monitoring function.
  • Works with lead acid or , lithium 12V, lithium 24V
  • Max solar input power: 260W 12V / 520W 24V
  • Max charge current 20A
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Load voltage:

  • 150mA – 7000mA
  • 12V System 15V to 75V
  • 24V System 30V to 60V
  • Max load power: 100W 12V 200W24V


  • Light control voltage 3V – 11V (settable)
  • Light control delay 5 sec – 60min (settable)

Technical Parameters:

  • Operating temperature: -35C – 65C
  • IP rating IP68
  • Weight 770g
  • Controller dimensions: 155×114.4x34mm
  • Controller installation size: 102x123mm

For custom settings, you need to purchase a CU-ALL5 remote control (purchased separately)

DM200 Charge Controller Manual