Adjustable Angle Solar Panel Bracket Set


Aluminum adjustable angle solar panel bracket mounting kit.

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This aluminum bracket set is the perfect kit to allow you to set up a solar panel and adjust it to the angle you need it at any time your needs change. Suggested for rigid glass panels. Perfect for the roof, your camper, even your garden. Raises your panel up off the ground for wiring, airflow, rainwater runoff and the ability to get better sun access.

Kit comes with 6 x Stainless Steel Knobs with Wingnuts, 4 x Nuts and Bolts, and 6 x Bracket Pieces (2 x 11.5″ long; 2 x 22.7″ long; 2 x 28″ long).

Solar panel not included!

Volume breaks for 3 and 12 units.