95W ETFE Compact Folding Solar Panel with 2M Cable, SAE Connectors and Grommets


95W ETFE compact folding solar panel

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Our inventory of solar panels changes daily and is shipped from a network of warehouses across Canada. This item may or may not be in stock. Please contact us before purchasing solar panels listed here to make sure that we have them in stock in a warehouse near you.

These are made of DURABLE ETFE panels. Note, there are cheap substitutes out there, poorly made PET panels can quickly de-laminate in challenging conditions and some of the competition do not actually output their advertised Watts. These are quality panels built to last!

Don’t fall for look-alike cheaply made products. This is a very high quality panel with exceptional charging ability. 

Perfect to take to the cabin, cottage or chalet when you don’t want to leave your solar panels there when you are not there! Easy to pack in on your ATV or snowmobile. Does not take up too much space in your truck!

Great for RV, Cabin, Trailers, Camping!

  • A great lightweight panel weighing only 8.4lbs in a compact and convenient carrying case
  • Dimensions (Closed): 11.4” x 8.3” x 2.8” (290*210*70mm)
  • Dimensions (Open): 56.7” x 22.4” x 0.59” (1440*570*15mm)
  • Monocrystalline solar cells
  • Includes 2M cables with SAE ends and grommets for easy hanging
  • Lightweight carry bag comes attached to the panels for convenient transport
  • ETFE coating for maximum durability; resists de-lamination, salt water, and moisture more effectively than PET coating
  • Anti-glare for better light absorption
  • Compatible with 12V battery banks
  • Comes with a 20A PWM charge controller and alligator clips

Our smallest folding solar panel system to date! This 95W solar system has 12 panels that fold down into a lightweight square. The carrying case is attached to the bottom panel which allows for quick and easy transportation.

The extremely durable ETFE coating makes the panels perfect for a range of outdoor conditions. You can rest assured that these panels will hold up to all types of recreational, camping, off-grid, marine, portable, industrial and remote worksite use.

We can ship to anywhere in Canada or the US. Please contact us for shipping and stock inquiries.