48V 1000Ah 24kWh REXC-1000 Lead Carbon Battery Bank, w RACKING & Interconnects Narada 5000 Cycles @ 50% DoD

REXC1000 Six x 2V batteries for a 48V Lead Carbon Battery Bank with Interconnects


48V 1000Ah 24kWh

Lead Carbon Battery Bank

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TWENTY FOUR 2V cells RACKING and interconnects!

Narada; 5000 Cycles @ 50% DoD

REXC1000 48V Lead Carbon Battery Bank

Note: 14-16 Week Lead Time.

FOB Vancouver, BC Canada. 

Lead Carbon Product Features

This technology is developed by Narada battery company.  Combining advanced lead-carbon technology and REX VRLA technology, REXC lead-carbon battery has an extra-long cycle life, excels at partial state of charge (PSoC) cycle, has significantly faster recharge rates and excellent large current discharge performance. REX Series is mainly designed for energy storage systems and hybrid systems.

  • High rate charge and discharge combines the advantages of lead-acid battery and super capacitors
  • 20 year float life design
  •  Horizontal installation position for less space, easy installation & maintenance
  • Low self-discharge rate – 2 year shelf life
  • Outstanding PSOC cycle performance
  • AGM Valve regulated sealed technology
  • Modular design for easy expansion.
  • Reduces sulfation of negative plate, for excellent recharge acceptance performance
  • t also cuts gassing, resists overcharge, heat and thermal runaway.


No filler caps are required therefore there is no electrolyte contamination, overwatering or damage in use. Unique wrought lead-calcium grid design means less internal corrosion and efficient current conductivity for more power and longer life. I

Battery Parameter

  • Nominal Voltage 2V
  • Operation Temp. Optimum temperature : 15℃ to 25℃ – Max. temperature: -20℃ to 50℃
  • Charge Voltage Float use: 2.25Vpc (25℃ ) – Equalization and cycle use: 2.3Vpc (25℃ ) (13.5V Float at 12V; 13.8V at 12V)
  • Terminal: M8 copper insert
  • Container: Durable flame retardant ABS Case
  • Plate Lead carbon(negative plate)

Advantages of Lead Carbon vs. Lithium and Lead Acid Batteries:

  • Greater kWh storage capacity per dollar, compared with lithium (approx. half the price for he same kWh capacity)
  • No Battery Management System (BMS) required to prevent cell imbalancing.
  • Higher energy density and much longer life compared to existing AGM, gel, flooded, and lead acid batteries.
  • No toxic or explosive off-gassing (like lead acid batteries)
  • No cooling / heating system needed for lead carbon batteries
  • Modular stacking design for easier setup and expansion.
  • No thermal run away risk of fire, explosion with non-lithium cells.

Applications for Lead Carbon Batteries

    • Renewable Energy (Wind power, photovoltaic solar power, tidal power)
    • Back up power systems, especially those demanding long deep cycle life of battery due to variable supply conditions
    • Factories, hospitals, commercial
    • Distribution generation
    • Micro-grid power plant
    • New energy access
    • Smart grid 
    • Railway
    • Telecom

Optional 12V, 24V and 48V Rack Mounted Banks Available (6-24 Cells per Rack). 500-5000Ah Battery Banks.
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Additional information

Nominal Voltage (V)



231 x 282 x 408 mm


76.0 kg

Internal Resistant

Approx 0.18mΩ