20A MPPT 12/24/48V Solar Charge Controller Demuda with Double USB Output port DC input port


MPPT 20A 12V/24V/48V Solar Charge Controller Demuda

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20A MPPT 12V 24V & 48V Solar Charge Controller

The solar charge controller has the max power point target function, for usage with batteries or battery packs solar energy charging and load charging control. Suitable for grid solar energy system with wide voltage.


  1. LED color LCD Display.
  2. Wide voltage & current.
  3. Heat dissipation is good.
  4. Automatic battery identification system
  5. The maximum current tracking means fast charging, saving money.
  6. The side can be detachable, hidden line interface, safe, beautiful to look at, leakage prevent.
  7. Tooth mark aluminum alloy bottom plate, easy to heat dissipation, prolong the service life of the product
  8. When overcharge, deep discharge, short circuit, battery opening, overheating temperature, battery over-voltage and over-current, the controller will automatically turn off, and protect battery and power system.

Operational details:

  1. Double USB output port
  2. Plain copper private die square with tooth port
  3. DC input port

Display Interface (Colorful)

Additional information

System Voltage

12V 12V 48V

Max Solar Power Input

240W 480W 960W

Module Current


Module of opening circuit voltage


Load current



5.12 x 6.14 x 2" (13*15.6*5cm)


1.33 lbs/ 0.6kg

USB output

5V/2A USBx 2

Operating temperature

'-20℃~ 40℃