15 Amp ATC Plug-In Fuse & Holder


ATC size blade-style fuse holder attached to cable with 15 Amp fuse included.

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Blade fuses are colour-coded replacement fuses that easily plug in to protect circuits. They are commonly used in automotives and low voltage control circuits to protect electronics. ATC fuses are a mid-range size of plug-in blade fuses with 1-40 Amps standards, with each Amperage standard having its own colour.

This package includes a 15A fuse with a fuse holder. The fuse holder is compatible with any ATC blade fuse. There is 12 AWG cabling on either side of the holder for splicing with other cable or circuitry to provide easy and secure protection.

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Blade Fuse Size



15 Amps Included


12 AWG 600V