39Ah 12V Silicon Dioxide Lead Crystal U1 Battery SiO2


39Ah 12V EFSL Lead Crystal SiO2 U1 Mobility & Powersports Battery

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Silicon Dioxide Battery: Ultra Long-term Solution at Short-term Cost

12V 39Ah SiO2 Battery

This size battery is the U1 size perfect for use in scooters and powered wheelchairs.


194x132x170mm / 7.63×5.19×6.69″


11 kg / 24lbs

This size battery is the U1 size perfect for use in scooters and powered wheelchairs. Also for medical lifts and equipment, robotics, water pump systems, electric fences, mobility equipment, and marine / fishing downriggers.

  • F7 Terminals
  • EFSL

Should be Compatible with:

CSB EVH12390, 1171, 1295, AGM1234T, AGM1248T, AJC-D33S, AJC-D35S, AJC-D35S-B-0-106791, AJC-D55S, BA12, BA41, BA45, BA53, BAT0053, BAT0053, BAT0065, BAT0121, BATA012, BATA012, BATA041, BATA041, BATA045, BATA053, Batteries BAT0065, CMM625, EDS12310, EDS12330, ESUI-35, GC12V45BS, LEAD-12-35PS, LS1225, NP3312HA, U1, UPS12-95   Please check dimensions closely. and note the Terminal style before ordering.

Why you need to change your battery today:

  • Suitable for tough weather conditions with stable performance under extreme cold (down to -40C) or dry heat (up to 65 degrees Celsius)
  • 2 years Warranty
  • 24-month shelf life without needing to refresh the battery
  • No Sulphation
  • 8-12 year service life, based on up to 30-50% daily discharge
  • Long lasting up to five times longer than AGM batteries at 50% DoD (depth of discharge)
  • Full recovery after a deep discharge
  • High cycle life – 2800 Cycles at 50% DoD
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to transport by air
  • No leakage and very low gassing compared to Lead Acid Batteries
  • 99% Recyclable
  • Closest Battery size U1
  • Huge range of sizes to fit every application, from scooters, wheelchairs, lifts and uninterruptable power supply systems to RVs, campers, fishing boats to large solar energy storage banks.

SiO2 Cycle Life Chart
The Silicon Dioxide Battery is a high performance battery comparable to Lithium-Ion in both depth of discharge and cycling capabilities for a third of its price. It even out-competes many similar Li-Ion batteries in longevity when subjected to the same discharge, temperatures, and partial state of charge abuse.

This means the SiO2 Battery boasts a fantastically low cost per Kilowatt-Hour over its entire lifetime. Each cent gives users more watts for longer to provide the best long-term solution with short-term costs. It even has a longer shelf life, only discharging less than 1.6% of its power over a month.

The Silicon Dioxide battery lasts 8-12 years, depending on use, thanks to its unique chemistry. The pH neutral electrolyte prevents sulphation and does not corrode the internal components.

Cold Weather Champion
The SiO2 Battery’s effectiveness in extreme temperatures stands out against all competition. The cold-resistant technology was developed for use in machinery up North and performs far better than any other battery technology on the market.
chart showing temperature and discharge capacity
These batteries provide 40% more power than lead-acid battery at temperatures as low as -40 °C/F.

Safer, Easier, and Greener
The Silicon Dioxide battery is lighter weight than other types of Lead-Acid batteries and is easier to transport and install since it can be placed on any side or orientation.

These batteries are up to 99% recyclable and an excellent battery for environmentally-conscious users wanting to minimize the carbon footprint of their solar array.

These deep cycle batteries require no maintenance and are non-gassing. This makes them safer in high temperatures or remote battery banks and backup power storage. It is safe for air travel and can be used as marine batteries.

Settings for your SiO2 battery if you are choosing custom programming on your charge controller:

Equalizing Voltage -> 14.6 or Shut off this function if available
Boost Voltage -> 14.6
Floating Charge Voltage -> 13.6
Over-discharge Return Voltage -> 12.7
Over-discharge Voltage -> 11.8

This battery should fit the following items:

21st Century AGM1248T
ActiveCare Catalina
ActiveCare Intrepid
ActiveCare Medalist
ActiveCare Pilot 2310
ActiveCare Pilot 2410
ActiveCare Renegade
ActiveCare Wildcat 450
Amigo EXT350 670000
Amigo FD
Amigo Fiesta IV 770000
Amigo Grand Tour Transport 390000
Amigo HD450 650000
Amigo SmartShopper
Amigo ValueShopper
Amstron AP12-33
Amstron AP12-33EV
Amstron AP12-33G
Amstron AP12-35
Apollo 15001600
Apollo 1550ETL
Apollo 1650ETL
Apollo NT-T51K
Apollo NT-T71K
Aritech BS326
Bag Boy Navigator 2
BB Battery BP3312B2H
BB Battery BP33-12B2H
BB Battery BP3312B2S
BB Battery BP33-12B2S
BB Battery BP33-12F
BB Battery BP33-12H
BB Battery BP33-12S
BB Battery BP35-12F
BB Battery BP35-12H
BB Battery BP35-12S
BB Battery BPL33-12
BB Battery EP33-12
BB Battery EVP35-12
BB Battery HR33-12
BCI Group Size U1
Bruno Catalina 46
Bruno Cub 30
Bruno Cub 32
Bruno Firefighter 46
Bruno Police 46
Bruno SuperCub 44
Bruno SuperCub 46
C.T.M. Homecare HS-1000
C.T.M. Homecare HS-2800
C.T.M. Homecare HS-2850
C.T.M. Homecare HS-570
C.T.M. Homecare HS-580
C.T.M. Homecare HS-6200
C.T.M. Homecare HS-686
Casil CA12330
CD Dynasty SGC 12-30
Chloride 1000010110
CSB EVH12390
CSB EVX12340
CSB GH12340
CSB GP12340
Cub Cadet 282
Dalton ePower
Dalton Primechair Mid-Wheel Drive
Dalton Primechair Rear Wheel Drive
Dalton SC-S135 HD
Dalton SC-S145 HD
Dane Technologies SmartKart
Deka 8AU1
Deka 8GU1
Deka 8GUI
Deka U1HR1500S
Douglas Guardian DBG12032
Douglas Guardian DBG1230
Douglas Guardian DBG1232
Douglas Guardian DBG1232JH
Douglas Guardian DBG12-32JH
Douglas Guardian DBG1245
Douglas Guardian DG12032
Douglas Guardian DG1230
Douglas Guardian DG12-30
Douglas Guardian DG1232
Douglas Guardian DG12-32
Douglas Guardian DG1232JH
Douglas Guardian DG12-32JH
Douglas Guardian DG1245
Drive Medical Design Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Chair CPN
Drive Medical Design Denali 2900
Drive Medical Design Gladiator G694
Drive Medical Design Gladiator GT807
Drive Medical Design Gladiator GT808
Drive Medical Design Image 2800
Drive Medical Design Image GT – 2800GT
Drive Medical Design Odyssey S45200
Drive Medical Design Odyssey S45300
Drive Medical Design Stingray
Drive Medical Design Sunfire General SP-3C
Drive Medical Design Sunfire Plus GT – SPGT-3C
Dual Lite 100BVC
Dual Lite 12EDCX100BVC
Dual Lite 12EDX100BVC
Dual Lite DEDA
Emergi-Lite 100BVC
Emergi-Lite 12EDCX100BVC
Enersys NP33-12
Enersys NP33-12B
Enersys NP33-12FR
Enersys NP33-12H
Everest & Jennings Captain – CTR 1000
Everest & Jennings Excalibur
Everest & Jennings Explorer
Everest & Jennings Metro Power II
Fire Control Instruments 1002610A
Fire Control Instruments B31
Fire Lite GC128
Freerider FR168-3
Freerider FR168-3S
Freerider FR168-4
Freerider FR168-4S
Freerider FR510DX2
Freerider FR510DXs2
Fullriver DC35-12A
Fullriver DC35-12B
Genesis NP33-12
Genesis NP33-12B
Genesis NP33-12FR
Genesis NP33-12H
Global Yuasa ES3012
Global Yuasa ES30-12
Golden Technology Alante GP201CC
Golden Technology Alante GP201SS
Golden Technology Alero GP50
Golden Technology Compass
Golden Technology Compass Sport GP605CC
Golden Technology Compass Sport GP605SS
Hawker Cyclon 12GAX100
Hawker Cyclon 12GAX105
Hawker Cyclon 12GEL30
Hawker Cyclon ASGA33
Haze HZB12-33
Haze HZS12-35F
Heartway HP1 Escape
Heartway HP3 Rumba
Heartway HP4 Rumba S
Heartway HP5 Escape DX
Heartway HP8 Escape LX
Heartway HP9C Smart C
Heartway HP9PT Smart PT
Heartway HP9RT Smart RT
Heartway HPS Tempo
Heartway P12H Escape H
Heartway P12S Escape S
Heartway P12SX Escape SX
Heartway P17C Fantasy C
Heartway P17R Fantasy R
Heartway P17RT Fantasy RT
Heartway P23C Zeus
Heartway P33 Gypsy
Heartway P4AS Tiara
Heartway P4ASR Tiara R
Heartway P4F Rumba SF
Heartway P4R Rumba SR
Heartway PF2 Bolero
Heartway PF2S Bolero S
Heartway PF3 Nomad 4
Heartway PF3C Nomad 4C
Heartway PF6 Mirage
Heartway PF6C Mirage C
Heartway PF6K Mirage K
Heartway PT3 Nomad 3
Heartway S9 Venus
Heartway TC1 Tango
Hoveround Forerunner
Hoveround MPV 5
Hoveround Transporter GL
Hoveround Transporter GLX
IBT BT33-12
Interstate DCM0035L
Interstate SLA0083
Interstate SLA0088
Interstate SLA1144
Interstate SLA1155
Interstate SLA1156
Interstate SLA2610
Interstate SLA2616
Invacare Auriga
Invacare Excel FWD 250
Invacare Leo
Invacare Lynx L-3X
Invacare Lynx LX3
Invacare Lynx LX3 Plus
Invacare Nutron R32
Invacare Nutron R32LX
Invacare Nutron R50LX
Invacare Nutron R51
Invacare Nutron R51LX
Invacare Nutron R51LXP
Invacare P9000 XDT
Invacare Panther LX-4
Invacare Pronto M41
Invacare Pronto M61
Invacare Pronto M71
Invacare Pronto M71 jr.
Invacare Pronto R2
Invacare Ranger II MWD
Invacare U1 Sealed
John Deere 260
Jolt SA12350A
Kung Long U1-34H
Leoch LP12-38
Leoch LP12-45
Leoch LP12-50
Leoch LPC12-38
Leoch LPC12-50
Leoch LPL12-38
Leoch LPL12-45
Leoch LPS12-40
Leoch LPS12-50
Leoch LPX12-38
Leoch XPE12-125
Lithonia BL1228
Lithonia ELB1226
Lithonia ELB1228
Lithonia ELM10
Lithonia ELU23
Lithonia ELU8
Lithonia EMB2122801
Lithonia U128
Lithonia U131
Mart Cart XTi12
Mart Cart XTi24
Mega Motion Destiny MM310
Mega Motion Destiny MM410
Merits Health Products P101 Travel-Ease Commuter Power Chair
Merits Health Products P102 Travel-Ease Commuter Power Chair
Merits Health Products P107 Travel-Ease Commuter Power Chair
Merits Health Products P171 Travel-Ease Commuter Power Chair
Merits Health Products P310 Regal (MP3C) Power Chair
Merits Health Products P318 Regal Power Chair
Merits Health Products P3181 Regal Power Chair
Merits Health Products P326A Vision Sport Power Chair
Merits Health Products P328 Travel-Ease Regal Power Chair
Merits Health Products P3281 Travel-Ease Regal Power Chair
Merits Health Products S131 Pioneer 3 Scooter
Merits Health Products S1312 Pioneer 3 Scooter
Merits Health Products S1313 Pioneer 3 Scooter
Merits Health Products S139 Pioneer PT3 Scooter
Merits Health Products S141 Pioneer 4 Scooter
Merits Health Products S1412 Pioneer 4 Scooter
Merits Health Products S1413 Pioneer 4 Scooter
Merits Health Products S149 Pioneer PT Scooter
Minn Kota Club Runner
MK Battery 8AU1
MK Battery 8GU1
MK Battery ES33-12
MK Battery MU-1 SLD A
MK Battery MU-1 SLD G
MK Battery MU-1 SLD M
MK Battery MU-1 SLDG
MK Battery U1/SLA
MK Battery U-1/SLA
MK Battery U1SLDP
Orthofab Star 3 Scooter
Orthofab Star 4 Scooter
Pace Saver Eclipse Atlas
Pace Saver Eclipse Atlas 5
Pace Saver Espree Atlas
Pace Saver Espree Atlas 5
Pace Saver Espree Titan
Pace Saver Fusion 250
Pace Saver Fusion 350
Pace Saver Fusion 450
Pace Saver Fusion 500
Pace Saver Plus III Atlas
Pace Saver Plus III Junior
Pace Saver Plus III Titan
Pace Saver Scout M1
Pace Saver Scout M1-350
Panasonic KCA1233P
Panasonic LC-L12V30
Panasonic LC-L12V33AP
Panasonic LC-LA1233AP
Panasonic LC-LA1233P
Panasonic LC-R1233P
Panasonic LC-R12V30
Platinum BLSL3060 Slide
Power Patrol SLA1155
Power Patrol SLA1156
Power-Sonic PG-12V35FR
Power-Sonic PHR-12150
Power-Sonic PS-12330
Power-Sonic PS-12350
Pride Boxster
Pride Celebrity 2000
Pride Celebrity XL Heavy Duty
Pride Cyclone
Pride Dynamo
Pride Flash
Pride Hurricane – PMV5001
Pride Hurricane -PMV500
Pride J6
Pride Jet 10 Ultra Power Chair
Pride Jet 3 Power Chair
Pride Jet 3 Ultra Power Chair
Pride Jet 7 Power Chair
Pride Laser
Pride Legend
Pride Rally
Pride Rally Shopper
Pride Revo – SC63, SC64
Pride Shuttle
Pride Sidekick
Pride Sundancer
Pride Sundancer with Power Seat
Pride TSS 300
Pride Victory 3
Pride Victory 4
Pride Vista
Pyrotronics 175083897
Quantum Q1103 Ultra
Quantum Q610
Quantum Q610 Pediatric
Quickie Aspire
Quickie Freestyle – Mini
Quickie Rhapsody
Quickie S-11
Quickie S-525
Quickie V-100
Quickie Z-500 Pediatric
Quickie Zippie Z-Bop Pediatric
R&D 5395
Ranger Freedom
Ranger Safari Ltd.
Ranger Solo Heavy Duty
Ranger Solo IV Wheel
Ranger Solo IV Wheel Heavy Duty
Ranger Solo Ltd
Ranger Solo Ltd IV Wheel
Ranger Solo Ltd. Heavy Duty
Ranger Solo Ltd. IV Wheel Heavy Duty
Ranger Solo XT-550
Ranger Spirit
Rascal 130
Rascal 300
Rascal 305
Rascal 314
Rascal 326
Rascal 327
Rascal 230 Deluxe
Rascal 235 Heavy Duty
Rascal 240 Deluxe
Rascal 245 Heavy Duty
Rascal 250 PC
Rascal 252LE Candy Apple
Rascal 255 ConvertAble
Rascal 260LE Candy Apple
Rascal 265LE Candy Apple
Rascal 301 PC
Rascal 302LE Candy Apple
Rascal 309LE Candy Apple
Rascal 312 Turnabout
Rascal 318 PC
Rascal 326A
Rascal 329LE Candy Apple
Rascal 330 Tilt
Rascal 400T
Rascal 410 PC
Rascal 415 PC Power Chair
Rascal 445 PC
Rascal 600C ConvertAble
Rascal 600F ConvertAble
Rascal 600T ConvertAble
Rhino SLA33-12
Rhino SLA33-12FP
Ritar RA12-33
Ritar RA12-33EV
Shoprider 6Runner 10
Shoprider 6Runner 10 Deluxe
Shoprider FPC Folding Power Chair
Shoprider Jetstream L
Shoprider Jetstream M
Shoprider Regal Spirit
Shoprider Sovereign
Shoprider Sprinter 2 Seater
Shoprider Sprinter 4×4
Shoprider Sprinter XL4
Shoprider Streamer – 888WB
Shoprider Streamer – 888WNLB
Shoprider Streamer – 888WS
Shoprider Streamer – 888WSB
Shoprider Streamer Sport
Shoprider Streamer Sport Rehab
Shoprider Sunrunner 3
Shoprider Sunrunner 3 Deluxe
Shoprider Sunrunner 4
Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Deluxe
Shoprider Trooper
Shoprider WIZZ
Sonnenschein 12V32AH
Sonnenschein 6KX44
Sonnenschein A1230.0G6
Sonnenschein A212/28G6
Sonnenschein A212/32G
Sonnenschein A512/300G6
Sonnenschein A512/30G6
Sonnenschein DF45
Technacell EP12310
Technacell EPUPS31
Tempest TD33-12
Tempest TD35-12
Tempest TG33-12
Tempest TR33-12
Tempest TR35-12
Trojan Battery SG-30
Tuffcare Challenger 1000 Pediatric
Tuffcare Challenger 1200 Pediatric
Tuffcare Challenger 1450
Tuffcare Challenger 1500
Tuffcare Challenger 1700
Tuffcare Challenger 2000
Tuffcare Challenger 2040 Recliner
Tuffcare Challenger BP 5000
Tuffcare Challenger DX1520
Tuffcare Challenger Escort 3200
Tuffcare Challenger Escort 4300
Tuffcare Challenger PP 5500
Union MX-12310
Union MX-12310C
Union MX-12340
Union PW1231
Universal 45976
Universal D5722
Universal D5870
Universal U1
Universal U1 GEL
Universal UB12350
Viking Q-4 Slide
Viking R-6S Solar
Viper Fang 15B
Vision 6FM33D-X
Vision 6FM33-X
Yuasa NP33-12
Yuasa NP33-12B
Yuasa NP33-12FR
Yuasa NP33-12H

These are replacement batteries only. NOTE: It is your responsibility to verify the batteries being ordered match the batteries in your unit prior to placing your order. We are not responsible for incorrect orders. DISCLAIMER: Not affiliated with any scooter, wheelchair or equipment manufacturer listed above. Contact Azimuth Solar for more information on battery compatibility and to have a spec sheet sent to you. Note: F7 Terminals suitable for electric vehicle, emergency power , UPS, marine, floor cleaning machine, material handling, medical, rehabilitation, RV, Solar, yard equipment, Fishing

Additional information


6.69×7.63×5.19" 17×19.4×13.2cm


11kg 24lbs

Nominal Capacity (25C/77F)

39 Ah (468 Wh) @ 20 Hour

Nominal Voltage


Charging Voltage

14.4V – 14.7V

Max Charge Voltage


Max Charge Amps

9.75A at 12V

Internal Resistance (25C/77F)

9 mΩ

Max Discharge Current (25C/77F)


Depth of Discharge

50% for 2,800 Cycles
80% for 1,500 Cycles

Operational Temperature

'-40⁰C to 65⁰C (-40⁰F to 149⁰F)


17×19.4×13.2cm 6.69×7.63×5.19"


Soneil International Ltd.


2 Years Workmanship

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