12V 250Ah Azimuth Solar Lead Carbon Battery 3200 cycles @ 50% DOD


12V 250Ah Azimuth Solar Lead Carbon Battery 3200 cycles @ 50% DOD

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12V 250Ah Lead Carbon Battery

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3 to 5 times standard battery life

3200 cycles at 50% depth of discharge (DOD)

High sulfation resistance at partial state of charge (PSOC)

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This Lead Carbon Battery is excellent charging acceptance with high charging efficiency, excellent PSoC performance under high and low ambient temperature with floating service life above 15 years at 20°C/68 °F.


  • 99.995% original lead material
  • For solar inverter/ups system,
  • Up to 15 years life with daily use 
  • High temperature resistance
  • Stainless steel bolt style terminals for better connections 
  • 3 to 5 times than standard lead acid cycle life

Spec Sheet: ASP-LC12255 Spec sheet

Additional information

Nominal Voltage


Number of Cell


Design Life

15 years

Nominal Capacity

255Ah 25°C/77°F, 20 hour rate (25A, 10.5V)

Internal Resistance

Full Charged Battery at 25°C(77°F) 2mΩ


<3% capacity declined per month at 20°C (average)

Operation Temperature Range - Discharge


Operation Temperature Range - Charge


Operation Temperature Range - Storage


Best Operation Temperature


Max Charge Current (25C/77F)





52×26.8×24.9cm, 20.5×10.5×9.8"