12V 100Ah Azimuth Solar Lead Carbon Battery 3200 cycles @ 50% DOD


12V 100Ah Azimuth Solar Lead Carbon Battery 3200 cycles @ 50% DOD

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12V 100Ah Lead Carbon Battery – ASP-LC12100

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3 to 5 times standard battery life

3200 cycles at 50% depth of discharge (DOD)

High sulfation resistance at partial state of charge (PSOC)

Can be charged quickly 38c / 38A

100Ah rating is at the 10 Hour rating. Actual capacity at 20 hour rate is higher. 

This Lead Carbon Battery is excellent charging acceptance with high charging efficiency, excellent PSoC performance under high and low ambient temperature with floating service life above 15 years at 20°C/68 °F.


  • For solar inverter/ups system,
  • Up to 15 years life with daily use 
  • High temperature resistance
  • Stainless steel bolt style terminals for better connections 
  • 3 to 5 times than standard lead acid cycle life

Spec Sheet: ASP-LC12100 Spec sheet

    • Material    Grade A original lead , purity near 100%
    • ISO 9001 production Quality.
    • Low self-discharge 
    • High safety The efficient safety valve made of imported rubber is durable, ageing resistant and corrosion resistant that can effectively ensure the safety of internal pressure of the products in use.
    • Economical and practical extremely high performance, long service life and low maintenance
    • Maintenance free As it is value-regulated .sealed and glass mat is utilized .acid GEL is trapped inside . so refilling is not needed and is leak proof.
    • Longer service life Utilized thick and massive calcium grate ensure that an ASP Lead carbon battery has a longer service life over 15years .
    • Terminal: 8mm Bolt – Use 5/16″ Lug Hole


  • Solar Energy System & Wind Energy System
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply system(UPS)
  • Telecommunication system
  • Alarm and Security system
  • Emergency Power Supply system(EPS)
  • Emergency Lighting System & Small Lamps
  • Medical Equipments
  • Power plant
  • bank system
  • computer system
  • Power tools
  • Residential home backup


Additional information


32.9 x 17.2 x 24.3cm 12.9 x 6.7 x 9.5"



Nominal Voltage


Number of Cell


Design Life

15 years

Nominal Capacity

100Ah 25°C/77°F, 10 hour rate (25A, 10.5V)

Internal Resistance

Full Charged Battery at 25°C(77°F) 3.6mΩ


<3% capacity declined per month at 20°C (average)

Operation Temperature Range - Discharge


Operation Temperature Range - Charge


Operation Temperature Range - Storage


Best Operation Temperature


Max Charge Current (25C/77F)



8mm Bolt – Use 5/16" Lug Hole