12V 1000Ah 12kWh FCP1000 Lead Carbon Battery Bank, Racking & Interconnects Sacred Sun 5200 Cycles @ 50% DoD


FCP1000Ah 12V Lead Carbon Battery Bank with Racking and Interconnects


12V 1000Ah 12kWh

Lead Carbon Battery Bank


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Includes Racking & Interconnects

Sacred Sun; 5200 Cycles @ 50% DoD

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Lead Carbon Product Features

This technology is developed by Furakawa battery company of Japan. They are leaders in advanced lead carbon technology, product design and manufacturing experience. They produce a high performance AGM VRLA battery with deep cycles for energy storage systems.

  • Super long cycle life. Using long-life technology and design, more than 4200 cycles @ 70%  DOD, design life is 15 years. More than 3,500 cycle at 80% DOD (one of the highest in the industry)FCP Module Dimensions diagram
  • Using lead carbon technology, improves the charge acceptance ability, reduces negative plate sulfation, more suitable for partial state of charge (PSOC) applications.
  • Advanced manufacturing technology: strict manufacturing processes for consistency and reliability of the product. High quality manufacturing standards for uniform performance are suitable for large scale energy storage.
  • Modular design and installation, compact structure, saving the installation area and space, easy installation, convenient maintenance.
  • Drastically reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Adoption of advanced lead-carbon technology, improved charge acceptance reduced sulfation of negative plate, more suitable for PSOC conditions.

Advantages of Lead Carbon vs. Lithium and Lead Acid Batteries:

  • Greater kWh storage capacity per dollar, compared with lithium (approx. half the price for he same kWh capacity)
  • No Battery Management System (BMS) required to prevent cell imbalancing.
  • Higher energy density and much longer life compared to existing AGM, gel, flooded, and lead acid batteries.
  • No toxic or explosive off-gassing (like lead acid batteries)
  • No cooling / heating system needed for lead carbon batteries
  • Modular stacking design for easier setup and expansion.
  • No thermal run away risk of fire, explosion with non-lithium cells.

Applications for Lead Carbon Batteries

    • Renewable Energy (Wind power, photovoltaic solar power, tidal power)
    • Back up power systems, especially those demanding long deep cycle life of battery due to variable supply conditions
    • Factories, hospitals, commercial
    • Distribution generation
    • Micro-grid power plant
    • New energy access
    • Smart grid 
    • Railway
    • Telecom

FCP Battery Cycle Life Chart

Battery Type Nominal Voltage (V) Nominal Capacity (C10(25°C)) Nominal Capacity (Wh) Weight (kg) Size(mm) Energy Density Max Charge Current Max Discharge Current
L W H Mass Energy Density Volume Energy Density
FCP1000 cell 2 1000 2000 75kG 303 172 508 27 79 0.2C10A 0.4C10A


Bank Weight: 500 kg (1102 lb)


Download Specs:

FCP1000 Specification Sheet

Sacred Sun Lead Carbon Batteries Flyer

FCP PPT 500, 1000 Powerpoint


Optional 12V, 24V and 48V Rack Mounted Banks Available (6-24 Cells per Rack). 500-5000Ah Battery Banks.
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