Lithium Ion Power Bank Portable Charger

Ultra High Capacity Power Bank  ●  Portable External Battery Pack  ●  Portable Charger ●  Backup Pack

2 USB Ports ● 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket  ● Laptop / Tablet Charging Port with Adjustable Voltages  ●  Integrated LED Signal / Flashlight  ●  Adapter Kit  ●  Padded Case

Extra portable Power Packs that fit easily in a bag or backpack!   Solar and AC Charging.

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  • Sale! Lithium Ion Power Bank

    12V 266Wh Laptop Power Bank with 12V DC Cigar Lighter Outlet

    $236.62 $210.00
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  • Sale!

    Adventurer Kit – 30W Panel, 266W Power Bank, Accessories

    $401.50 $356.00
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