MeterBus Hub Morningstar use for Charge Controllers with TriStar meter


Meterbus Hub Morningstar


Morningstar’s MeterHub (HUB-1) allows multiple Morningstar products to communicate over a Meterbus network to provide improved data monitoring, additional capabilities and lower system cost.

  • Enables multiple controllers to share a single TriStar meter and display both single controller data (TriStar #1, TriStar #2…) as well as aggregated data for the entire system.
  • Enables multiple controllers to share a single Relay Driver and fully utilize all 4 channels of the Relay Driver for different functions (alarms, load disconnects, generator starts) from multiple products.

Additional information

Minimum Isolation (Ports 1-4)

500 volts

Self-consumption (per port)

8 mA

Ambient Temperature

'-40°C to 60°C

Storage Temperature

'-55°C to 85°C


100% non-condensing


Conformal coating-printed circuit board


13.5 x 10.8 x 3.7 cm (5.3 x 4.3 x 1.5")


0.19 kg / 0.41 lbs

Port Connections

RJ-11, gold plated


Type 1 (indoor and vented)

Compatible DIN rail

35 mm standard


CE Compliant, ETL Recognized (UL 1741), RoHS Compliant, Manufactured in a certified ISO 9001 facility

Manufacturer Warranty

5 year warranty period