MC4 Female to Male Extension Cable


Cable with MC4 female/male connector ends.



Cable with MC4 connectors on both ends, one end male and the other female. MC4 connectors are common cables used by solar panels.

This extension cable can extend either female or male MC4 connection ends for more reach. Mount your panels farther away from each other or from your power management.

Select AWG size, length, and bundling option. Not every option combination is available at this time. The greater the AWG size the greater the current the cable is capable of handling.

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Additional information


12, 10, 8


24" (2'), 48" (4'), 72" (6'), 96" (8'), 120" (10'), 180" (15'), 240" (20'), 300" (25'), 360" (30'), 396" (33'), 480" (40')


MC4 Female End & MC4 Male End

Cable Bundle

Red/Black Pair, Single